Product Description

SandnesGarn Lama is a very soft llama wool yarn. Llama wool is very similar to alpaca wool and they also share some of the same qualities – warmth and sturdiness.

Although llama’s guard hair is more coarse than alpaca’s, llama’s wool is a lot softer than alpaca’s, because llama wool yarns are made only of the soft and airy undercoat, which makes it more luxurious and softer than alpaca wool.

SandnesGarn Lama is a bit thicker than classic alpaca wool yarn, which makes it perfect for knitting rugs or winter sweaters.

SandnesGarn is a quality yarn manufacturer with long-lasting traditions, who uses only the best fibers to make their yarn. The materials used for washing and dyeing the yarns are environment friendly, which makes the yarns great for making children’s clothes.

Weight/Meterage: 50g = 67 m

Fiber Content: 100% llama

Suggested Needle Size: 6 mm