We are certain that if something is hand-made, it will become alive and carry within it the best wishes of the maker. We sincerely believe that the world needs better things than the mass produced ones coming from China. We acknowledge the supremacy of quality over quantity, because a quality handknit is like good wine, the value of which only increases with time. At some time in the future, today’s creations will become classics or family heirlooms that are handed down the generations like the real top class fashion designs.

The core of our knitters have got the experience of more than twenty years, therefore they can be called the masters in their field, in whose hands even the most demanding projects are exquisitely executed.

We mostly love to create projects from start to finish, including the designing of the pattern, whether it be a sweater or a dress, a pair of gloves, a hat or some other accessory. But of course, we will also be there for you when you turn to us with your own pattern and are just looking for a pair of capable hands to execute a design.

In our products and custom work, we use only premium class natural yarns, the quality and durability of which have been confirmed. We give our products warranty and precise care instructions are given with every item. We are also ready to maintain your handknits that are made by us, for a reasonable price, in order to ensure our products have as long a life as possible.

To get a personal offer, contact us, tell us about your ideas, and together we will create something beautiful and unique.