IMG_5279xsIn Woolmint, we love to make things differently, and for us ’differently’, of course, means in high quality.

The Woolmint handicraft blog has been on the internet since 2008, and now it has become one part of our web page.

The way Woolmint has grown from a personal handicraft diary into a company where we create patterns, produce designer handknits and sell quality yarns seems to be the classic story of creating a job out of one’s hobby, but actually it is not classic at all. It is the product of our  dogged work and headstrong belief that, contrary to the common notion that is widely spread in Estonia, it is possible to make a living out of your craft when you do it with passion, give it your special touch and believe that there are still enough people among us who appreciate quality more than quantity.

But besides all the hard work and sleepless nights, it also means playing, dreaming and, with luck, being in the right place at the right time. We consider this playfulness and the courage to dream the main foundation of Woolmint, and we are guided by the principle that all that we do must be exciting and challenging to ourselves, because only then we are able to offer the best to our customers.

Woolmint knitting patterns are mainly inspired by our most valuable national knitting heritage: the classic patterns of the Haapsalu shawls. We believe that the Estonian knitting traditions have put us on the map, in our special field, in a way that is equal to Skype or TransferWise, because every dedicated knitter – and there are many of them in the world – knows at least one Estonian word: Nupp.

But there is shamefully little talk of knitting compared to startups among the general public, and so we have taken on the mission of keeping these time-honoured techniques alive through our product development and by adapting Estonian shawl patterns for other garments such as hats, mittens or sweaters.

Woolmint patterns are available in our web store and on Ravelry – an inspirational online handicraft society.

Since 2012, we have regularly designed knitwear for the widely known and much-loved Koigu yarn brand that has a strong connection with our homeland through its Estonian owners.

Since 2014, we also offer „Make it yourself“ gift packs that include everything from the yarn and pattern to the knitting needles and the necessary decorations. These packs are beautifully packaged and ready to be gifted to somebody special.


Woolmint original designer knits can be found in our web store, our studio shop in Pärnu and sometimes also in other shops selling Estonian design all around Estonia. The lots of our products are small and exclusive, and they are usually out of the shop as quickly as we get them in. You can find the latest news about our products on our Facebook page.

Woolmint yarn shop got started from our own need for better quality materials. The goal of the group Lõngaklubi (Yarn Club), created in 2013 on Facebook, was to share our enthusiasm for new and exciting quality yarn brands with our best friends, but in less than a year it grew into a group with more than 2200 yarn- and handicraft-loving members. It assured us that we were on the right path and that the locally available meagre selection of yarns had not satisfied our passionate and sophisticated crafters already for some time.

We were the first to bring to Estonia the widely sought after yarn brands such as Atelier Zitron, Malabrigo, Lang Yarns, Lamana and Dream in Color; and in a short time we have grown into the biggest company in Estonia selling natural undyed woollen yarns.

In just one year, the Woolmint studio shop outgrew its first nest and in spring of 2015, we opened the new, spacious and light-filled shop on the main street of Pärnu.

Our ambitions, of course, do not end here – we have got lots of ideas about how to develop our local handicraft scene and to introduce the Estonian knitting know-how to the wider public.

But our motto is „Easy does it“ and we will take every new step when the time is right and when we are ready for it.